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The future of finance is a hot topic in the media. Here are some interesting articles on digital finance.


Business Journalist Nadine Blayney explains digitisation of assets.

Fintech and Australia - Australian Prime Minister's speech December 2020
Virtual Speech - Singapore FinTech Festival | Prime Minister of Australia


The Opportunity

The Era of Tokenization — market outlook on a $24trn opportunity


Digital Finance Trends

14 Finance Experts Share Their Biggest Fintech Predictions
for 2021


Use cases

Council Post: Tokenization: Use Cases Of Blockchain In Finance

CoreLedger enables Finka to deliver tokenized agricultural trading instrument for Bolivian cattle


How blockchain works

Unleashing Blockchain in Finance


Implications of Tokenization

The Tokenisation of Assets and Potential Implications for Financial Markets

How ASX's blockchain will change finance


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